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Alkalime encourages you to come as you are and leave inspired to make a change. The name plays on the words alkaline and lime. Alkaline is neutral, like water. An alkaline diet is beneficial for relieving chronic pain, boosting bone health, and protecting against disease. In addition, the lime family is an alkalizing superstar: a simple squeeze of lemon in a glass of water includes 17 amazing benefits such as detoxification, anti-inflammation, colon digestion, natural antibiotic, brain nourishment, cold prevention, and more. This is the beautiful irony of the lime family: their alkalizing effect on the body far exceeds their citric acid content. The most important thing to note is not what the pH of the food is in its natural state – rather the effect of the food on the body once consumed. Alkalime’s feel good recipes can be savored in a serene setting along the pristine Mamsha beachfront in Abu Dhabi’s untouched Saadiyat island. You can even treat the space like your very own work station and spend the day with us, as well as, take our lovingly crafted ingredients home with you to create your own works of heart.

Our Logo

Our Logo

Like a homemade gift with a handwritten tag, our logo feels made for you.

With the humble lime as the hero, our logo is uncomplicated, clean and classic. It evokes a sense of timelessness that takes you back to bygone days of playing in your grandparents’ garden, soaking up the sun, surrounded by lush greenery. Days of a healthier home.

The nest in the logo symbolises a space. One that cares, comforts and nurtures.


Hand-drawn and down-to-earth, our logo embodies the healthy and natural essence of our brand.


Our story

Our story

“Generations ago, life was simpler. Our food was prepared honestly, using nature’s pure and wonderful goodness. The true essence and flavors of each ingredient was enjoyed without the artificial additions and substitute foods we have today.

Looking back at pictures of my own family - my grandparents in particular - I’m conscious of how happy and healthy they are. There is an obvious connection between the traditional lifestyle of “eating what you grow” and an overall sense of well-being that cannot be ignored.

But over the years, the world’s relationship with food changed. Artificial ingredients were introduced and we became increasingly disconnected from natural food sources. As people now look to revisit their choices, this has paved the way for fad diets and contradictory information on what it means to be healthy.

Alkalime believes health is a lifestyle, not a momentary diet. It’s not about extreme measures but incremental changes in both mindset and behaviour. Our everyday eatery focusses on simple, wholesome and homemade meals using ingredients the way nature intended - the way your grandparents would appreciate.

We are your home away from home and each dish is lovingly crafted with your well-being in mind.

My vision is that Alkalime becomes a place for guests to reconnect with each other and disconnect from modern-day stresses. A place that reminds you of how magical food can, and should be - in its original, most authentic form.”

With love,