Meal Plan


“Healthy Nutrition is the most important preventive factor” Professor Harald Stossier.

We feel most at ease when all areas of life are in balance. We have a list of things to accomplish every day and also want to enjoy leisure and relaxation. We need to take time to nurture our relationships and also time for ourselves. The same goes for the body. Physical equilibrium is a prerequisite for a good quality of life. Our organism is equipped with a whole series of compensatory mechanisms in order to maintain this balance. In the long term, however, these are unable to cope with the stress and over-exertion during our everyday routine, neglectful eating habits and the excess consumption of acidic foods. Preservation of health thus increasingly becomes a balancing act. But there is some goods news: our lifestyle can always be shaped the right way to avoid illness, it’s not too late until it’s too late.

Enter Alkalime’s Meal Plans where our goal is to help you achieve a healthy balanced meal while you focus on YOU